„Draff Krimmy is the kind of project top which the label ‘band’ really does not fit well. It is much more a project in which different musicians from 8 different countries communicate with each other through music – langua…ge as music and the other way around. The musicians and/or bands that started exchanging material are Halvard Vebjörnsson (Germany), Morfar or Morten of Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson (Norway), Rim and Kidedo (France), Void`s Anatomy (Canada), Bosques De Mi Mente (Spain), Hasta Luego Pilar (Danmark), Dylan Waller (VS), and Gargle (Japan); while the hard core of draff krimmy is the in Norway living German Jan, Maciek (Germany) and Mareno (Norway). The participants do not always know what instruments the others use; it is more like a natural process in which ideas and elaborations are shared and extended like in a real conversation and discussion through music. Nevertheless, a reasonably consistent and harmonious whole, covered by a mysterious veil resulted from this. Dreamlike soundscapes, made up of scraps of glitch, post-rock, electronics, experimental music, folk, lo-fi and ambient. It really is more like atmosphere than like regular music and that makes this project such extraordinarily fascinating. Electronic sounds, guitars, piano, whispered male and female vocals, accordion, field recordings, creaky sounds, samples, and lots more pass by in a serene, sometimes ghostly fashion. Rustic, but with a spooky feeling; something like that.
The song titles have also become linguistic hybrids, further covering the project with a mysterious mist. The young quality label Fluttery has shown with this that they stand for innovation and guts, like they have proven with many other releases. The music by Draff Krimmy is an enjoyable middle between 2 By Bukowski, The Third Eye Foundation, Human Greed, Hood, Piano Magic, Múm, Set Fire To Flames and the related Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The poetry of this band is in all pores. Beautiful listening experience!“



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Draff Krimmy
Poetry of Vår
Fluttery Records
Released: 2010


The first thing that the press release says is “Draff Krimmy is not a band. It is a project between people all over the world who communicate in the language of music”.  Forewarned is forearmed as they say.

This is an odd album and, in fact, an odd concept for an album. There’s little sign of any common theme running through it for a start. Fragments of ideas – sometimes organic and sometimes industrial – seemed to have been joined together without rhyme or reason. It’s like an ambient version of freeform jazz (without the 4526 chord changes, of course) and, accordingly, it’s not an album that directly draws your attention. Instead it sort of circles you with sound hoping to enchant you with its other worldliness. Highpoints were “Otradnoje” that manages to sound like dark cabaret sung by some tortured soul imprisoned by the fires of hell and the haunting angelic elegance of “Min Engel”. However – and this is perhaps a weakness – mood wins out over melody most of the time so there are no hooks to remember and the album leaves you with an unexpected feeling of loss.

“Poetry of Vår” is therefore something of an album for the iPod where its sonic limitations are less obvious and where the enclosing effect of headphones would enhance its impact.  I don’t know how often you would return to this album either as your enjoyment would most likely depend on your mood.